Marvelous Domain

This short film, titled Marvelous Domain, was an exercise in surrealist filmmaking in which I attempted to maintain a collaborative, flexible environment that allowed for spontaneous production and for curiosity to dominate, to liberate and elevate the filmmaking process as inspired by surrealist thinkers of the early twentieth century who used art to envision a…

Liberation Poetry Workshops

In spring 2022, I put on a series of three “liberation poetry workshops,” open to the public. They explored the themes of “feeling,” “sex and desire,” and “freedom.” I designed them to be reflective, vulnerable, cathartic, fully-felt sessions, exercises in using language to understand ourselves and our experiences and spaces for community-building. These workshops can…

Everybody Eats!

We believe wholeheartedly that food and land are at the core of our liberation. Furthermore, food sovereignty is not something we can look to the state to provide for us but is something we must dream and build up for ourselves.

Community Safety

The state does not, and never will, protect all of us. And by “us,” we encompass anyone who is marginalized in this country along the axes of race, gender, sexuality, class, and citizenship.

Notes on Organizing: Make the Road NY

The organization’s thousands of members are more than just subscribers – they are highly involved in the organization and are given meaningful points of entry

More Than Art: Indigenous Relationality and Futures

Countless people throughout the history of organizing have emphasized the importance of creating art within movements. This art not only allows for us to connect with each other, but also shows us the types of worlds that we are reimagining. This post highlights the work that Indigenous artists are producing throughout the world.

Worker Power

At the beginning of our conversation with Gerami, he introduced unionization as a mechanism of political power. Gerami defined unions as, put simply, an “organization of workers to join together to advance their common interests.”

Envisioning Changes

A common thread within our class has been the difference between mobilizing and organizing. Several social movements today fall into mobilization efforts, where groups spend the majority of their time already speaking to people who agree with them. Organizing, on the other hand, relies on building structures and relationships that will last longer than a…

Collective Glamour

In the collective’s analysis of the multiple ways LGBTGNC people are targeted by the police, such as police harassment and arresting victims of violence, they argue that we cannot understand these challenges as solely issues of sexuality or gender. Instead, they are also issues of race, class, ability, and citizenship.


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